Thursday, November 12, 2009

hi, i'm random

Hey there. my friends at school must be wondering where the hell have i been this whole week and where is my part of the Lisan thing. i'm sorry i'm absent from school, i might suffer from the Monday Blues syndrome everyday of the week. hehe. i'm sorry Anisahuri for making you crazy. you know i love you :) oh and i hope Zkay is still sane without me. gosh i miss you guys but sadly the teachers miss me more :D

What I Do At Home

current best friends; Tetot, Mojo. i think i have fully grasped the art of cat whispering. blame my family, they aren't in the same house anymore. thankfully a friend of mine visits me from time to time. its good to have some mano-a-mano conversation! its hard to have a decent conversation with my bro or sis. our normal family conversation now is via Skype. uhh technology. sometimes you gotta kick it oldschool.

aside from talking to cats, i talk to my guppies too. but its sad though, because one by one, they die and sink to the bottom of the pool. i guess we're not meant to breed guppies anymore :(

ahh yet another project i've been working on these days, cooking! well i'm not a pro, YET, but i practice :D
some goals throughout cooking project/note to self :
  • overcome knife-phobia
  • do not burn fingers anymore
  • master time-keeping so that food wont get burnt
  • stay away from the salt ( you put it in too much)
  • wear goggles while chopping onions
thats pretty much it for now. too bad i cant cook some dishes due to lack of ingredients.
besides that, i also go online sometimes and check on my mails and chat with random people. hey, i feel like making a random bucket list now. D:

  • i want a new notebook/webcam
  • i want to marry a chef
  • i want my driver's license now
  • i want a pair of sneakers
  • i want Alex Pettyfer to call me out on a date
  • i want to make it big in my future career
  • i want enough A's for my SPM. straight A's dont really matter
  • i want to own a yogurt cafe (?)
  • i want to go on to theatre
  • i want to live with Saskia in a condo or an apartment suits just fine
  • i want a punching bag in my room
  • i want to know how it feels like kicking some jerk in the gut
  • i want to help the unfortunate and share my wealth with them
  • i want to spread world peace
  • i want to sack somebody
  • i want to make a scene in a public place and get arrested by the police. okay maybe not.
theres so much to do and so little time. i hope i live long enough to enjoy more pleasures in the world.