Monday, December 28, 2009

my girls wanted to know

What my dream guy is like.

Tall, lean and tan.
Jet-black hair shaved close to his head.
Dimples - oh my god.
Liquid eyes.
Not cute-

OKAY that was not entirely my "dream guy". That was from my favourite book. And yes, he's purely fictional. But hey, pretty good description for a guy who doesn't exist.
I've never really put much thought into this thing actually. I've got no plans whatsoever for my future (which is tumbling and crashing down towards me really fast). I've heard people starting to think names for their babies already. AND THEY'RE STILL MINORS. At least, they know what they want and they're putting their eyes on the prize. Well, as for me, umm.. let me put it this way-
I. Don't. Know. What. I. Want.


I've had this conversation with Mom before. I only knew that i wanted to marry a chef (and still does). I told her I believed in love at first sight :)

She doesn't.
Nor does Hana.

IT COULD HAPPEN YA KNOW. Or I might be superstitious? Nahhh...

"Be my singing lesson
Be my song.
When I tell you I'm falling,
Tell me I'm strong."
-Patty Griffin

So, I'm pretty sure I can tell you this much, my future hubby, is the man of my dreams.