Friday, March 05, 2010

new word for today

is Toddy!

It may be;
  • A mixed drink
  • Or a slang for toddler. Haha

Dad quoted Karam Singh Walia,
"Sambil menyelam, minum toddy."

I was chatting with him on messenger. The conversation was quite long and... friendly (?). Eventually I asked "Aren't you working?" then he quoted that.

We also talked about my studies, my brother and other stupid stuffs I thought I'd never talk about with him. We started off with questions regarding my studies. My Dad has this insane want for me to get a freakin scholarship. Like, hello, Earth to Babah? Even some of the smartest kids who scored like a gazillion A's don't get scholarships. What more a girl like me?!
Hmm. I'll try my best for sure. InsyaAllah.

And somehow we managed to talk about Johnny Depp. No, I didn't talk about his hotness or whatever. We discussed about his weirdness :D
But still, it was a weird topic.

You know I have this habit of saying "lol" all the time. Everytime I said "lol" during that conversation, Dad will reply "lol to you too". Like wth?
"Bah, do you even know what LOL means?"

AAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!! Dad is so goofy in so many other ways.

This is Babah; Hulk version :D