Tuesday, March 01, 2011

In reference to my post "something to ponder about"

ZURA OM said...

with regards to your quite interesting topic, heres what i think=)
Malaysians speak the English Language for various reasons;(what i mean by this is those who regularly speak this language-as their second language)
1. betterment of life
2. passion
3. boasting
and at times, it's hard to differ which category a person with broken english falls into.-whether they boast, wanna learn or know it's for the greater good.
at initial stage, the language itself was supposedly a tool for communication, where tons of scientific research from other languages are translated into english for the world to also keep up and get updated with the newfound discoveries made by the french, latinos, greek etc which is the main reason why it was introduced in our country and also for us to keep up with the global modernization.
now that we've partially reached our goal, english has more likely become a tool for measuring one's social caste, standard or status. if you can converse well, you intimidate and are one class above. but if you don't you're just...normal. better yet, one class below.
thus we now use it not to keep up with the modernization nor excitedly get our minds fed with latest research but to upgrade ourselves, to reach 'that' so called high standard and basically, to not feel intimidated by someone of the same race who could speak better english than we do. we have strayed from the initial purpose of using/learning english.
and that has somewhat made us judgmental towards each other. with every grammatical error we utter defines our social standard/status and we just can't help ourselves for criticizing them/not being concerned for their terrible english because we ourselves aren't certain of whether they boast, wanna learn or know it's for the greater good.
long-winded i know. but that's what i think=))hope it's acknowledged.

Thank you for the thoughtful comment Zura and I do agree with you. You are definitely fairly acknowledged :)