Sunday, November 27, 2011

dreams and aspirations

Someone very dear to me asked this question. Many a times I've thought about how my future is going to be like, but when the question presented itself to me, I hardly know where to begin. So, in the name of Allah, I'll try to answer this truthfully here. Now.

I want to ace university with flying colors! Hopefully I'm blessed with the chance to pursue it abroad (in the States tehee :B). Get a degree and make my parents proud. Get an awesome job that allows me to travel here and there, meet interesting new people, taste good food. Make this dream I share with my best friend Saskia, come true which is to open up an old folks' home and an orphanage. Of course, when we can really make it (amin to that). Open up a joined partnership deal with my long time buds, a restaurant/bistro of our own! Sky dive or bungee-jump. Help the poor. Make a change for animals. Be an ambassador maybe. Get lost in a foreign country that speaks a foreign language. Join a book club!
And then of course, meet the love of my life and fall head over heels for him (I'd love to meet him during my studying years just like how my parents met in the States when they were there to study too). Have a beautiful, low-key wedding, nothing over the top. The guest list will only include close family and friends. Go backpacking for our honeymoon (whoever you are, Mr. Future, I hope you're adventurous and spontaneous). I may not fit all my pretty dresses and clothes into a backpack, I may not look my best during this trip, but I assure you that we'll have the time of our lives. Then, settle in a cozy house. Doesn't matter if it's an apartment or a bungalow, because being with him means being at home for me. If we were to have a garden, I'll plant flowers and herbs (hmm if they can grow in our Malaysian climate that is). Cook meals for the family. Grant my parents and his the pleasure of having grandchildren.
Be closer to God and his Prophet. Perform the hajj. And just have the feeling of being content.

A rough guide of how I would want my life to turn out. I know the chances of this happening is really thin, but my dreams keeps my hopes alive. Everything will not be the way you want them to be, so you have to give and take. It's all about having to compromise. And never lose sight of the things that you already own, be thankful. Don't keep chasing something that's already out of reach. InsyaAllah, everything will fall into place one day. We just have to keep calm and pray for the best ♥