Friday, January 06, 2012

she spoke words of wisdom

2011. As I reflect upon the events that I've ventured throughout that year, I realized that I've grown a lot.
Rejection, failure, starting over... Everything made me even stronger. The mistakes I've committed. No regrets, keep making them, for you'll never learn if you never try.

Here's a list of what has happened to me last year:

  • Started off the year by getting four stitches on me right knee. Aye, I'm clumsy and unfortunately, very fragile despite my tough exterior. 
  • Lived in Brunei with Dad for a month. Not the best time of life, but it was nice living with him again (for a long time that is).
  • Got my first ever job which is a sales coordinator (a.k.a. a salesgirl) at Dorothy Perkins. Gained a lot of experience and met every possible type of shopper there is. Also encountered a few weird shebangs while I was working. Epic troll moments.
  • Entered uni-life. Boy, what an adventure.
  • Had a few prayers answered by God. Alhamdulillah, forever thankful.
  • Met a lot of new people. Everyone of them is a miracle.
  • Reinforced my 11-year-old bond with Saskia. Going on 12, and forever to go!
  • Mastered a new skill before the year ended. I NOW KNOW HOW TO ICE SKATE. 
Lots of things happened. Had a couple of confessions. Had a lot of confusions. Had a lot of lost moments.
But regardless of all the adverse eventualities, the beautiful memories are too sweet and significant that they outweigh the bad ones. Not the most suckiest year I've had in the 18 years I've lived. Hm.

I don't really have a lot of new year's resolution because I always end up not doing them.
All I want to do, is improve in every aspect. And...

continue to be cute. Meow.