Saturday, January 21, 2012

au revoir

Who knew I got so much anger in me?
All it takes for a nasty blow up to happen is a girl and her monthly menstrual cycle which comes in a package of hormonal imbalance + stupidity + cooped up emotions and a whole lot of crap that can lead to her not thinking straight. And wisely, if I might add.

It's 3.29 AM right now and we're leaving for the airport at 4.45.

I don't even know why I'm not asleep. There are two major reasons why I should not leave sleep.
Major reason A) I'll be left with my thoughts and I'll play through all the "what-if's" scenarios in my head and go loco all by myself. *cue music* all by myseeellffff... don't wanna be all by myseeelfff anymoreeee 
Major reason B) I'll get hungry.

Speak of the devil. My tummy just growled.

At the moment, I'm emotionally unstable. I'm a hopeless wreck. But I do hold up pretty good most of the time I even impress myself. Hey, guess I am cut out for theater.
When all I want is just my bunny...
But what do I get?

May this trip help me find inner-peace, restore my chi and ignite my strength for what's to come. Especially uni (which is resuming in one week's time).

This trip might be exactly what I need right now.