Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i wonder

i wonder
why the skies are blue and the clouds are grey
why raindrops fall without no news
why the world tends to be so complicated at times
why love is the subject of every conversation
why i cant live my life the way others do
why some things,seems so perfect
but they are out of reach


Sunday, February 17, 2008


and Man U won =D
i watched the game with complete supporting attire. hahaha
wore a man u shirt and white shorts. then it came to me, " hey,uniform nak sama ahh xD"
hahahah. lolling.
i'm still curious why Christiano Ronaldo didnt play though. yeap,didnt hear all of the news.

lalala. sakit perut. bye

Saturday, February 16, 2008

her name is

who thinks its pretty,hollaback yaw

Manchester United Versus Arsenal tonight. supporters,prepare your spirits ;D

Friday, February 15, 2008


yeesshh ok ok people i'm updating here. hold your horses =.='

WOKAYH. a loooooottt has happened these past few days. you just dont know because i didnt blog about it. hehe ;)
well,i'll just keep the good parts to myself miehehehe

i havent blogged because Ujian 1 was on. ok ok i admit it,i have been onlining but my blogging tergendala xD needed the creativity and memory for my tests haha.
i'm not gonna ceritera on the test. ITS OVER. moving on..

ok, zkay, these stories are for you :) ok eera too

it was Wednesday. and theres gonna be Science,History and P.E today.
same old same old.waited for the bus in the morning. waited. waited. waited. waited. *thinks*
how long have i waited? the sun is gonna smile soon and my butt is still not in school... (hey that rhymes =D)
oh yeah, bus rosak :) best. uhuh.
i panicked like a baboon thats gonna get spanked by..i dunno..other baboons? =D
so my sister had to send me. sampai putra. JE.
she lectured a lot. dia kan mak nenek sikit. SO WHAT IF I DONT KNOW HOW TO RIDE THE PUBLIC BUS??? XP
ok,so she dropped me off at Setiawangsa. and you know what,i bought the wrong ticket.babi betul
i was sooooo embarassed. =.=' did i mention that the morning train macam ikan sardin? bloody full i tell ya
this man's thigh was like touching my butt. you pervert. i grabbed a chance to move when there was an opening.
then,I WALKED FAST LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW. duh its freaking science paper i wont miss it for the world.haha
reached school,thank god. pjk was just about to start. *loads machine gun* get what i mean? (;
i was sweating like hell. hahaha the end. Science was bloody fantastic :D

test ended today. my arts paper was kinda...funny hehe. the banana looked good though! ouh yeah..
then went to help rye buy something for that special someone (; wieehee
hope he likes it. a lot. not to mention,fit it.

why are there such people in this world.
i do not understand.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

You have to type the 1st thing that
comes to mind whenever you hear these
35 things.

You can’t think and go back and change
your answers.

TIP: erase all of the other persons'
anwers first.. that way u can think in

Here we go:

1. Beer: A&W root beer =D

2. McDonalds: the big yellow M

3. Relationships: couple. sigh

4. Purple: the color purple?

5. Power Rangers: them doing the ultraman pose haha

6. Weed: dry grass

7. Steroids: suntikan ayam

8. Cartoons: tom and jerry

9. The President: Bush x(

10. Tupperware: purple

11. Florida: nickelodeon

12. Santa Claus: fat guy with white beard

13. Halloween: count dracula =D

14. Alice: in wonderland

15. Grammar: dictionary

16: Myspace: my myspace page

17. Clowns: ronald mcdonald

18. Marriage: a white wedding =)

19. Paris: hilton

20. Pussy: catdolls

21. Redheads: woah. hey ron weasley =D

22. Blondes: bimbo

23. Pass the: my exam!! wooo

24. One night stand: whore

25. Donald Trump: guy has weird hair

26. Neverland: michael jackson

27. Dixie: chicks

28. Vanilla ice cream: mcD sundays mmmm...

29. Hooters : big boobs hoho

30. High school musical : zac efron ;s

31. Pajamas: yeah!

32. Woody: wood chuck chuck?

33. Wet Socks: ew. basah

35. love: a magical thing


hehe cool =D please,everyone kena buat! i'll do a spotcheck on ya ;)


So i am back. Thanks a lot Zkay ;p

*this post will not,i repeat NOT include pictures,videos, etc.*

i skipped one day of school,including band practice because my dad asked me too. so what the heck! (bab ponteng ni biasalah)

Melaka =)
it was a blast! :D there were a lot of tourists though. and the weather was very warm. very warm (;
we first went to the Baba Nyonya Museum. it was an old house of a wealthy China man who married a typical Malay (and fat shuush) woman. then became Baba Nyonya la xD the next generation of that family was of course a Pranakan.
oh my,the carvings,tiles and also the hospitality was fantastic. you know,they have like this sort of small pool/pond in the house. this one has two in fact.
when the rain pours down,it will you know,how do you say bertakung? xD haha
i like the second floor of the house. the stairs has a gate and some wooden top to cover the stairs. it is for:

  1. so that the children will not fall
  2. so that thieves and buglers cant come upstairs
  3. and last but not least,so that the husband cant sneak out at night (;
haha smart eyh? then we went to the master bedroom whereby the wedding chamber and the wedding outfit are displayed. the dress robe is heavily embroidered and imported from China. waaah.
then we went to the children's room where they displayed the keranda (not the one that will be buried la),mahjong table,lanterns and yes, the Birthday Suit. yes, Birthday. and it was red i think. it is much more frou frou than the wedding suit ( i think ) looks kinda heavy too.
birthday presents:
  1. rock sugar? - to have sweetness in life ( or so it goes )
  2. eggs - for fertility ( .......)
  3. and some other things that you will not wish to receive for your birthday =)
i whispered to mom, i sooo dont want these things for my birthday.

about Johore, nanti nanti lah saya update yee ;p

Friday, February 01, 2008

bad day

eera's grandmother passed away today.


i would also like to pray for rye's grandma too. she is in critical position now and is receiving treatment in the hospital.


i am sick.
i am sick and tired of some people.
they tend to be really nice at you for sometime.
then they decided to forget about you just like that.
i,of course dont want to break off friendship just like that.
of course i'll say hi and keep in touch.
but i absolutely have no idea why these people act like this.
well at least you can lie.
it wont hurt as much.
mmg hari ni bawa sial sikit.

dah.tak ada mood

wink (;

Bunga tanjung putih berseri
Kembang jelita harum baunya
Gagah sungguh pohonmu berdiri
Tegap rimbun gagah perkasa

Harum jelita si bunga suci
Idaman dara gadis rupawan
Sangat sombongnya bungamu menari
Melenggang-lenggok dihujung dahan

Walaupun engkau si bunga tanjung
Hiasan sanggul gadis rupawan
Tiadalah kamu sangat beruntung

Bagai melati
Bagai melati dilembah sana
Lihatlah senyuman kembang melati
Disunting kelana hati...
Di lembah sunyi

Lihatlah pula bunga teratai
Dijunjung musafir lambai melambai

Sungguh nasibmu si bunga tanjung
Bagai cahaya ditutup mendung
Tiadalah tangan menyunting kamu
Menunggu gugur di angin lalu
Malang dudukmu di dahan tinggi
Kini bertabur di atas bumi

have fun :D