Sunday, February 10, 2008

You have to type the 1st thing that
comes to mind whenever you hear these
35 things.

You can’t think and go back and change
your answers.

TIP: erase all of the other persons'
anwers first.. that way u can think in

Here we go:

1. Beer: A&W root beer =D

2. McDonalds: the big yellow M

3. Relationships: couple. sigh

4. Purple: the color purple?

5. Power Rangers: them doing the ultraman pose haha

6. Weed: dry grass

7. Steroids: suntikan ayam

8. Cartoons: tom and jerry

9. The President: Bush x(

10. Tupperware: purple

11. Florida: nickelodeon

12. Santa Claus: fat guy with white beard

13. Halloween: count dracula =D

14. Alice: in wonderland

15. Grammar: dictionary

16: Myspace: my myspace page

17. Clowns: ronald mcdonald

18. Marriage: a white wedding =)

19. Paris: hilton

20. Pussy: catdolls

21. Redheads: woah. hey ron weasley =D

22. Blondes: bimbo

23. Pass the: my exam!! wooo

24. One night stand: whore

25. Donald Trump: guy has weird hair

26. Neverland: michael jackson

27. Dixie: chicks

28. Vanilla ice cream: mcD sundays mmmm...

29. Hooters : big boobs hoho

30. High school musical : zac efron ;s

31. Pajamas: yeah!

32. Woody: wood chuck chuck?

33. Wet Socks: ew. basah

35. love: a magical thing


hehe cool =D please,everyone kena buat! i'll do a spotcheck on ya ;)