Saturday, May 31, 2008


let me tell you a special story now on the 1st of June :)

theres this girl...
is her name :D she means the world to me (ececehh). actually..
she's there and she has my back. she is sooo yummy like
yeah aini,
so dear dear aini, i wrote you this letter and hopefully you received it :)


hehehe i hoped you like it. its funny i know x)

muah xoxo (:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

love in this club

i shall ________ (fill in the blank)

thats it. i'm running out of ideas of what to do. relaxing time is over. i should continue doing my homework(S!). but i'm just to lazy. there's history notes, geography notes ( but sadly my book is with rye ), science PEKA (and yes..x siap lagi..) also my history folio :D hehe. told ya i'm lazy :p

maybe onlining is the solution to disperse my boredness, but theres hardly any stuff thats new and interesting now. myspace xp, blogging =/, music downloads c: , oh and current addiction... barbie games :D . its been a while since i last played barbie stuff. and its getting pink-er and pink-errr by the second!

serious shit im telling you. semua org xde life skrg. ryessa is marrying pacman i think =/

so. maybe i'm gonna hunt for food downstairs. bye.

Monday, May 26, 2008

alkisah seorang indon pecah rumah

this woman named INOT ( i know..mcm supir..) suka cari gado you know.

please la,do you happen to own a mirror? muka berjerawat satu muka sampai pecah masa orang tengah makan. ewwwwwwwwwwww apetite hilang la weyh!

dont try to blame iylia because boyfriend you cheat on you. lia pun xtau yang dia dah couple. see?
salah siapa sekarang?

and i pity you oh so much that your current boyfriend is just using you. your a sugamama now (;

so please. its so unlike me to be rude in public. especially kat my blog.

your telling people to get a life,when your intruding others' lives. so yang cari pasal kat blog orang sekarang ni lah yang xde life.

seriously,i'm not mad at you. i just pity you so so much :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Where did my testicles go? Thank Cloned Food!

January 16th, 2008 · No Comments

It has been rumored that eating cloned meat, particularly beef can shrink the size of a males testes. Doctors in Singapore have reported that if there is high doses of hormones used to facilitate the cloning process those same hormones could play havok with a males reproductive system. One of the side-effects could be extenstive testicle shrinkage.

As seen last year in an interesting report on testicle shrinkage in polar bears as a result of polution we can expect to see similar problems if cloned foods are pumped with antibiotics and hormones. I for one and not too eager to munch on any of this cloned food, are you?

The scientists found the higher the level of organohalogens in polar bear, the smaller testicle and baculum size and weight likely were. Ovary size and weight decreased as organohalogen levels rose as well.


what? i was bored. and its late. its now 1.09 am.

blargh. and when im bored,i'll edit stuff. yeap i edited my myspace profile. again :D


HANAN remember jiq's birthday. *29th 29th 29th 29th 29th* *bangs head at wall*

yay yay yay yay. i was supposed to hand in my history folio today... but you know i suck at folios :D hehe

omg omg omg omg. bandcomp is around the corner. really really nearrrr x(
and its scaring the shit out of me. haiyaa how lah.

oh some kids are at school right now. khemah ibadat :)
i was about to volunteer. but then..theres bandcamp. so...mcm banyak pulak hari nak tido kat sana kan.. so nevermind. nanti parents bising. hehe.
have fun yaya and mira :D
weyh i think theyre ready for bed oh right now.... =/ hmm...

k bye.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pavi up up and away

this picture clearly states, " Dear, i'm into your bestfriend " :)
oh so true. what a masterpiece.


i went out today. and i bumped into EERA and HAJAR :D :D :D :D

cool eyh? miahaha.

all and all,it was a great day :)

took pictures and will be uploaded later. ryessa have to run other errands also kan.

busy woman editing everybody's pictures. haih. she should get paid. with solid green =D

i think i dah tawaf pavilion semua. sampai kaki sakit pakai heels. hehe

and we got drinks at dome. rye had peach tea and i had green tea. mmm

and why am i telling you all this? tidak masuk periksa sebenarnya so goodbye bloggie :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i am freeeeee

for now....

goodbye classes and exams, hello band.

we are soo gonna get jiggy with it. xp

Monday, May 12, 2008

12 of May


and i appreciate what zko and don don mention in their bloggies. heee :) ily guys so so much like mucho grusto whatever that is xD i got that line from High School Musical haha

so anyways, i would also like to wish my parents. sebab saya pun tumpang on their Anniversary date also. hehehhee

thank you for the presents. hehe

and thank you guys for wishing me :)

oh oh, and plus megat gegat, hafriz, SUE FAYE ( omg forgot ur picture =.= ) and that rye's friend. hehehe.

the end =)

Saturday, May 10, 2008


i did something to my hair :/

i dont know what to say.

maybe i should go read science. yeah,good idea

Friday, May 09, 2008

i like you too (:

heeeeeee =)

wokayh, i have absolutely no idea that mathematics was going to be that bloody HARD x(

tengok lah, even sepandai-pandai umat cina kat dalam kelas tu boleh ckp susah. argg.

if i turun tahap how? actually its quite nice if turun tahap. i'd like to change teachers for a change.

the type of teacher that'll look for you till the end of the world if you didnt pass up her work.

yes,students that received my teacher boleh dikatakan, bernasib malang.

for instance,

Zkay: u dah study maths belum?
Hanan: um dah. but i suka tidur dalam kelas. and im getting worse at maths :s
Zkay: woii mana bolehh. siapa cikgu u?
Hanan: Puan ******* :)
Zkay: WOOOISHH. u nak i tolong tak?

see? people pity us.

what a sad sad world. oh God have mercy on their worthless souls. (haha tetibe je)

awww he's so sweet :) :) :)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

boom bada bengg

wuhooooooooo diagnostics x_x

i am so lazy to study but i am studying so hard. haha. dont ask why.

omg omg. SUE FAYE owns a blog :D :D :D :D

since when ahh? tell meeee.

today is 7th of May 2008. which is....

lol. go ahead and laugh at the picture. it was taken after he arrived from umrah.
funny darab 100.

he's the same age as our country. 51. miahah.

oh dad,thanks for the notebook :) i love it!


k bye people. im bored.