Friday, February 06, 2009

news! read all about it!

wah its been so long since i last blogged. hmm lets try to retrace steps here...




aww there goes all of my secrets. well not really secrets but ya know, i dont tell her e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. yea sure she's my best friend too but a girl needs her space. haha xD
but nevermind. yeah GO AHEAD AND READ MA.

one night after dinner, all of us (except babah) chit chatted about stuffs. then suddenly out of the blue my mom asks;

"siapa Kilroy?"
"uhh. . . . . . . me?" *wtf face*
*big smug*
"holy crap....... MA DID YOU GOOGLE ME OR SOMETHING??!!"

as my friends say, this is the problem when your parents know how to use the internet. ngeh.
now i just have to think of the pros and cons. uhh. . . *bunyi cengekrik* . . .cant think of any. .moving on. .

so.... today is February the 6th and our school has this Kongsi Raya Class Party. i wonder, we have a Kongsi Raya and a Deepa Raya, but dont we have a Kongsi Deepa? KAN KAN??
heh anyways, it was awesome :D
and its way grand this year rather than the others cause there was a Lion Dance performance! and let me tell you, theyre tails are so cute xD
for a minute there, i actually believed it was a real blue, cute and furry lion dancing and showing off its' awesomeness but nahh. theyre actaully humans :p big turn off man. .

i went and partied at 4W's (is it?) class dengan buat muka tak malu lol. the ones who partied are not from that class anyways :p
IT WAS SO COOL! and i never thought anyone else licked the Cookie Jar song other than me! i have found my monkey bunch :3
we call it, "Daylight Clubbing" dalam sekolah pulak tu. but it really felt like we were clubbing. i think it was more to strip club cause we dirty danced so bad xD
the only thing missing was, we were wearing baju kurung and theres no pole (Kell had to be the pole cause she was tall and thin) and we didnt shove money into Syasya's bra!
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! it was hilarious yet entertaining! i would so love to do it again!
made my day more fun and bright. LOL.

the funny part was, while Lia spanked Bella's (i think it was Nabila or something?) butt, Puan Nancy walked by and saw them doing the "thing" and Lia actually froze. then you know what,
PUAN NANCY FREAKING LAUGHED! ahahahahaha! we were noisy and enjoying ourselves and i think that entertained her.

one hell of a day. damn it was tiring.

after that, while in our respective classes,

Syasya : dah penat dah. it was fun. we should go clubbing together :D

LOL. i'm on! it was a great workout! we were sweating like people getting high in Zouk or something x)