Wednesday, October 21, 2009

walking with the dead - volume 2

A walk with the dead -Hanan

Dear Hanan,

if one day when i go to school and found out that you were no longer here, i wouldn't want to come the next day. coz of all my classmates, you're one of the best. i look forward to seeing all your quirky expressions throughout the day. those are one of the best times. my quirky weird friend.

how nice. and how random =D

it surprises me sometimes when i blogwalk, i get to see my name on someone else's posts. especially when they say nice things about me. or even just putting my link on their link list.
thank you friendzies. he he.

this one goes out to my awesome classmates (regardless of how annoying you guys are :p )

Hello 4T.

Aliah Amira,
she is my substitute Petricia. we've grown pretty close this year. not to mention our lunch mates Farhana a.k.a Kecik, Aimi and Hanim. without you in the class, i dont think i'll have my So You Think You Can Dance partner. eyy eyy? ;D

this short girl has got a big brain. yeah, you miss smarty skirts (since you dont wear pants at school). i'll miss your vibrant humor, your loud voice and the way you dance to Inul's songs. you'll be my Ratu Dangdut in class. and if you're not there, how am i supposed to score my Agama right?

little miss everything :p
i gotta be honest with you. when we weren't friends before, that was like in form 1 and form 2 i guess, i've always had an image of you being Miss Popular. seriously! everyone knows you, you were a prefect for goodness sake and teachers adore you. (lmao) i tau you tengah geleng kepala. shut up, dont be in denial. but band brought us closer. and i've discovered that there is more to then meets the eye. you're a smart girl with a cool attitude and a good sense of humor to boot! i cant always be moody at school cause i know that your blurness cracks me up. hilang macho i.

the list goes on (theres too much to type about each and everyone of you. 4T.I.U.T.C!),
Liyana F.
Chia Pei a.k.a Hippo
and even the Babes. haha you get what i mean? *hint* Chillax laa..

hehe :)

THE Book Club forever aite?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

who got style

i am a Muslim.
and i am proud to be one :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

a series of unfortunate events

i just watched a youtube video and it was funny. fine, i watched two. o. kay.

Monday. Dooms Day.

Bahasa Melayu. i thought it got changed to Bahasa Malaysia i mean yellow, not only Malays speak the language. Bahasa rasmi negara = Bahasa Negara = Negara Malaysia = Bahasa Malaysia. right?
twas tuff y'tell ya. (translation ; it was tough, i tell you) who knew tests takes so long?
i've always wondered why Kakak's papers' duration were like 2 hours ++. now, i even get to experience it! yeay D:

Tuesday. why is it Mon/Tues/Wednes/Thurs/Fri/Satur/Sunday? why cant they call it day 1, day 2, day 3, day....

wa liao. Engrish maaa. i dowan to tawk abaw tit. lets say ah, my paype awl hamsap leh!

Wednesday. is the name of Morticia and Gomez's daughter.

okay i was a little bit over confident on this day. i should've practiced more. but thankfully tuition helped. damn, numbers should have mercy on me.

Thursday. . . .

mom's quote,
"isnt history wonderful? :D"

hell yeah.

Friday. its time be holy.

gosh i hope i can score this! and i'm reaaaaaly counting on it! and i hope my pafa helps. InsyaAllah =)

the continuing week...... and the punishment goes on.....

Monday. Day of Reckoning.

we got our death sentence today.

"WEH ABENDA TADI DOH?! tiba-tiba jumpa soalan macam tak pernah jumpa!"
dipetik dari parbahasan Farhana Amanina sebaik sahaja ujian Matematik Tambahan berakhir.

i wish i had a talking calculator from the future where you can type in the question and get the answers straight away. okay, if it was a talking calculator, i'll put it on mute so that other people wont get to hear my answers :D

Tuesday. put on your thinking hair.

like Einstein's do'. hopefully with the hair, comes the smart genes.

summary of the whole paper: I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WROTE.
it goes something like this,
Blablabla is crap crap crap crap. Crap happens because blablablabla. Yadayadayada meow meow meow goes vroom vroom vroom.............

the score is gonna look mighty fine.

Wednesday. beneath the clothes we find a man...and beneath the man, we find his....nucleus.

this is why i dont want to be a doctor.....

Thursday. Day of Salvation.

i love Chemistry. but apparently, i kinda suck at it.

omaigat! MERDEKA!!!
and we danced and screamed and sang and went back and slept like fat pigs.

Selamat Maju Jaya!

Friday, October 09, 2009

walking with the dead

what would i do if my best friends die.

(before i do)

W.A. ,
you are the most inspiring and influential person i have ever met.
you conquer obstacles, chase your dreams and fight for whats right.
i would honour you by naming my daughter after you.
hopefully by giving her your name, your spirits will be implemented inside her as well.

S.Z. ,
i'm ashamed to say that i dont know you really well. but we connected.
if you moved on, this might sound crazy, but i'll go after the man who loves you and whom you love back. if i'm single at the time of course.
by loving him like you do, i'll get to feel how he treats you, thus keeping my memories of you alive. inside of him.

F.A. ,
i was always very protective of you. and i still am.
if i lose you, i'll always have a sense of loss. like a mother bear who lost her cub.

A.N. ,
i'll go and try out sports. for you.
i'll be feisty and aggressive. for you.
but i cant ever be as magnetic as you are.

N.R. ,
your pictures will be collected and immortalized in a scrapbook.
i'll even gather all my courage, and sing your song, Yellow, in front of a bunch of crowd as a tribute to you. look how they shine for you..

and of course not forgetting

S.S. ,
you are my other half. and for that, i wont do anything.
i wouldnt even mourn. because i know, that you live within me.
and for that, i have to keep myself happy, to keep you happy.
i'll blow up a huge portrait of you, black and white as you like it, and hang it in my house for all to see. and when people ask, "Who is that?"
i'll just say, "Thats me."

i'll love you all until i die. and then, what would you?
*names are typed in initials