Wednesday, May 23, 2012

anniversaire de soirée

You know how badly I wanted this book?
Really. REALLY. Bad.

It was hard to find and I was beginning to lose hope for every time that I went into the bookstore, I would fail to locate it. The only way I could get my hands on this book was to order it. Sigh.

Turns out luck was on my side. Someone really special got it for me.
It was the best surprise ever. And to top it off, he even threw me a surprise birthday soirée later on.

Funny how the night started with me being so bloody nervous, weeping the next minute and then surrounded by a lot of love in one tiny unit on the 20th floor in an apartment in Subang. I've always dreaded celebrating birthdays, but tonight was an exceptional case. Looking around the unit, shifting from one friendly face to another, I can't help but think that I'm the luckiest girl on Earth to be having such wonderful people as friends. And of course, to have such an amazing guy beside me too.
I wouldn't want the night to revolve around me (even if it was my birthday) so I wished for them to share some stories or a memoir knowing that that night might be our last night together.
We were sleepy and tired, but the warmth in the room kept us up. (Yes, I meant from all the love in the room and it was also hot...) Fruits, junk food and also ice-cream were the fuel for our late night talks.

I definitely had fun and I'm forever grateful to everyone who was there that night. To be frank, I barely know some of those people, all I know is their names but it didn't matter. Because it wasn't about me anymore. It was about everyone coming together. It was about everyone being united by friendship. It was about everyone. And we were infinite.

The thought of not seeing their faces next semester...


Hm. It's gonna be really quiet, but I still have the girls with me. And my long lost twin brother too.

It should be fine. One year. One year and I'm gonna see their faces again. One year and I'm gonna be in your arms again, insyaAllah.