Sunday, March 09, 2008

undilah PAH

pah means PAS in kelantanese accent la people. i should say it infront of u guys nnti :D miehehe

oh yeaahhhh, Gombak sekarang area Pas. ( PAH ) haha. and did u know what mama, kakak, izzat and i did? *looks around* *whispers*, we stole bendera :D

haha. mmg kena la actually. it is our duty to take responsibility on cleaning the neighbourhood after election. so, what the hell =D

we grabbed some bendera with the galah thing ( galah reminds me of pogo sticks. hmm ) and ran back home cepat-cepat. everyone was like staring at us. haha,beats me

i'll be restless if i dont get a bendera PAH. mom brought me to a jalan yang ada bendera tu. apa lagi :) yay i got a bendera jepun color hijauuuu
my sis on the other hand,took two BN flags. my bro was to chickened to curik some. heh. i nak keadilan punyaaa

=.=' nvm. i'll get it one day.

oh oh,yesterday was Lula's Birthday :D thanks for inviting me :)
it was so fun. haha. i think its because i get to play with that someone's camera. woooooo.

how do u spell outvidazein? haha idk.