Thursday, March 13, 2008

i want yooouuuuuuuuuu

haha. guess what the headline all about x)


i cant believe theres actually band practice on last Tuesday. i thought theres not gonna be any. hehe :D
thanks to rye,i came to practice. hahahaha.
*phone rings*
*wakes up*
hanan: hello??
rye: hoi,kita pegi band sama2 tau. i pick u up later
hanan: HUH?? ada band kaaaa?????
rye: =.='

hahaha. tomorrow got band. yeap! i dah tanya. wuhhooo.

oh yeah, SPM results are out right? hehe. wonder what yi ling's gonna get. and shuet may. oh oh and sue faye!
god i miss her. ;(

well,i'll pray for the best for you guys. :)

ive got nothing more to say. so bye.