Thursday, March 06, 2008

big whoop

tadaaaaa. i'm blogging again.
was away because of a friggin test.
critics =D

bm: uh... no cmnt. im kinda suckish in bm. dang
bi: easy lah. i wrote a lot. and you know what? i only wrote in ONE paragraph. *bangs head on wall*
agama: i studied. leads to= boleh la jawab. lets just pray for the best
maths: haha. careless mistakes banyak
science: easy =) paper 2 was ok. i'd die if i dont get an a for science
geo: lalalala. >:)
sej: muahahahah >=)
kh: *machine gun*

so yeah. thats it. i dont take chinese paper. if tak,mesti merahh punya =D
haha. k lazy to blog bye