Monday, March 03, 2008

dark blue

sheesh. somebody's complaining bout me not blogging. ngeh.

Just had my KH,BM and BI paper. Yeap,another exam. Bloody school. (bak kata mak iylia haha)

i hope i get to score on all the papers. KH was kinda easy. there were like 30 questions only. i'd be stupid to not score ;s BM was easy too. just 10 subjective questions and a summary. did u know that my summary had only 60+ words. so damn sikit. i never knew that it was going to be that short. maximum 80 words kan? well,i did just wrote down what the questions want only. no beginning whatsoever. nevermind laa. >:)
everybody was panicking about the BI paper. nearly everyone knew what was gonna come out. well,hampir la dgn the real question. wtv,i just wrote what comes up my mind


i wonder if lessons are going to be on as usual tomorrow. since theres just gonna be chinese paper tomorrow, i'm hoping that theres not gonna be sesi PMP (pmp yeh?).
sooo malas la nak study :) but yes of course buat revision.
History,Geography and Agama is gonna be on Thursday. wish me luck yaww

i have to be good in Agama. i'm a muslim. i diwajibkan to be good in Agama. :) yeah baby