Saturday, March 08, 2008

its a week to be jolly

the holidays are on baby! and yes,its one week of break. thats just general ye. more detailed;
~ sit at home je. i dont even know if i can go out or not
~ theres like, kerja khursus and all. haaihh =.=
~ i dont know what to type anymore.

my sister is being such a pain in the ass. i can go mad if i live with her. and i am living with her. nasib baik not alone. gahhh. living with my brother i suka :) ehehe. EAT THAT SISTA! muahaha

i badly want to go out. these people i miss so so much:
hana,kin,ainaa,aiman,megat,MUAZ ;( , and the rest of the people kat setiawangsa tu