Saturday, April 12, 2008

merry happy

you all must be wondering why did i create a new blog at Xanga.

well,i must say,its because i was bored and i was sick and tired of trying to make my blogger prettier.

you know,use a layout. tak jadi x(

but turns out,Xanga macam complicated sikit. kena invite org to be on my friends list.

but the layouts... *-*

rambang mata gue. nak guna mana satu entah laaaaa. cun gila :D :D

its now 12 am in the morning. woke up at 7.45. my parents' bed is soooo comfy :B

what i did :

after i woke up, i cleaned the bed. haha. why? its a girl thing (;

then went across the street to my grandma's crib. (haha crib xD)

salam2 and huggy2 stuff before she left for the airport.

then,got back home. showered, washed and hang my school uniform and undergarments.

then my sister asked me to mop the house =.= stupid sister

oh, Cami caught a bird today. first time ever. loser cat.

i think she wanted to eat it. she wanted to eat it IN the house. i wont let her

no way. dont ruin my perfectly clean floor. so i closed all openings into the house.

i sat and watched. watched her circle the house. to and fro. trying to get in. haha stoopid.

then my friggin sis came back.

she got in with stoopid cami. then cami gave the bird to her kids.

guess what, Chicken took control. he owned the bird. OWNED it ok.

he ate em all. ye ye je kecik. big apetite. i think hes hungry :)

wokay. see ya later calculator.

oh yea..intervensi. i dont even know what to read :S