Wednesday, May 28, 2008

love in this club

i shall ________ (fill in the blank)

thats it. i'm running out of ideas of what to do. relaxing time is over. i should continue doing my homework(S!). but i'm just to lazy. there's history notes, geography notes ( but sadly my book is with rye ), science PEKA (and yes..x siap lagi..) also my history folio :D hehe. told ya i'm lazy :p

maybe onlining is the solution to disperse my boredness, but theres hardly any stuff thats new and interesting now. myspace xp, blogging =/, music downloads c: , oh and current addiction... barbie games :D . its been a while since i last played barbie stuff. and its getting pink-er and pink-errr by the second!

serious shit im telling you. semua org xde life skrg. ryessa is marrying pacman i think =/

so. maybe i'm gonna hunt for food downstairs. bye.