Sunday, July 27, 2008

post 102

i would like to say SORRY to muaz =(
i didnt get to teman u kat tuition. garrh sorry sorry sorry sorry


trial is near. i bet everyone is studying their butts off right now.

but here i am, Hanan Syahmi As'ad. couldnt care less about her studies. sitting in front of the pc with a blank mind while her fingers danced across the keyboard gracefully.

belgh :p note to self; have to be less dramatic in future. this is reality. not a fairytale :(

sooooo, my sister got her Crew t-shirts alias her Uniform xD

baju mbc tak cantik this year. its WHITE. and the sponsors are printed on the shirt too.
then theres this huge font that goes KLWMBC CREW at the back of the shirt. BAHAHAHA buruk yet ugly xD ha ha ha

and to add on top of that, my sister has to wear not only that, but a hideous (kot la) vest. miahah. go sissy.

oh oh! i dah tgk batman :)

haha zkay zkay,
nak tgk batman ke dark night?

bahahahaha =D

Friday, July 25, 2008

time is of the essence

i am so frustrated x(

i so want tickets for KLWMBC and at the same time i wanna work there too.

my sister is. and im hoping that she'll get free tickets or just seludup me masuk zone B ke. haha kan best.

ajiq is also working there. another reason for me to go or to be apart of the staff. it'll be fun having my brother with me :) being co-workers. hehe cool. kan kami hebat 8D

missing abg zahrein :(
best instructor everrr
i was bloody tanned =.=


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


powerpoint is kinda complicated =/

what happened to the old me who liked playing with Windows Powerpoint when i was small.

i knew how to make the texts enter with such dramatical sound effect. ilmu saya dah hilang. so sad.


ngah. nevermind. i'm sorry if its gonna be a bore k citizens of class 3T :)

they call me Superfly ;)

Monday, July 21, 2008

18th July 2008

our first anny =)

Happy One Month dear
you said you love me

know that the feeling is mutual :)

p.s : thanks lia and zkay for my cards :p they made my day. truly hehe

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cheer Comp 08



we also won the award for Best Supporters :) hehe thats me! thats me!

i know our team did a greaaatt job even though i didnt get to see them perform. which really was a real slapper. we got lost while finding our way there. yeah, dont ask why.

as for adele, i've got no comment. this is your last year is it? well i tak tau.

today was tiring. i have a sore throat now :) hehe

but i didnt get to meet my sayang. damn it. a real bummer :( he was busy. so nevermind. and i was being bitchy. i've got no credit to reply his texts x( *slaps face*

anyway, i'm quite shocked with the results. i dont find their routine ( you know who ) like... meng-aww and woah kan. you get what i mean? like the sparks not there. dont get me wrong, they were good, but i think they did better before. dont cha think?

and this team salah award. they thought they won it but another team did. amat memalukan juga but nasib baik sekolah sama ehh. haha x)

next event : NAT COMP.

and its on a WEEKDAY. so, mmg harapan la i boleh dtg ye syg :)

Friday, July 11, 2008


just and old picture of me being tortured by fellow percussionists. i know, i'm the greatest stick wrap-err everrr xD

haha. dont steal my icon people :p

oh how i miss my band days sob sob. padahal esok ada. heh

so so, today, some people from the Brand's company came to our school to promote their stuff.

Stay Alert, Stay Ahead. ( proved wrong because i became sleepy afterwards. )

anyways, those Essence of Chicken thing is gross xS blegh

i puked. even fathiah puked. she drank that whole bloody thing. wah

its not essence of chicken, its like chicken piss!

eww. i'll live with essence of prune je. ha ha

12th and 13th of June 2008. come to Bukit Jalil's Stadium and support our school teams Xavier and Adele.

whose the king of all schools?

Convent Bukit Nanas hooh! =D

Saturday, July 05, 2008

kissed a girl

hello fellow bloggers :D

i know i know, didnt update my bloggie for a while now.

school is doing greaaatt. NOT.

there are some girls who just dont know how to say thank you and such.

the people around me revolves from day to day. and i shall admit that i no longer know them anymore.

you look up to them at first. they try to teach you how to be a good friend. then sadly she's not there when you need her to be one.

a good role model, vanished instantly before your eyes.

sad isnt it?