Thursday, September 04, 2008


4th day of fasting, and i'm still living! xD

lol of course. dont mind me, i was just having a dramatic moment there. hehe

so i got tons of pictures from my previous trip actually, but just dont have the time to upload em.

here are some

Candi Borobudur :D

its supposed to look like this :
hand-carved (or is it buddha-carved?) pictures on the walls.
they tell stories of Buddha's former lives.

Buddha. my boyfriend lol :p

those things are called Stupas.
what the hell is babah doing? =.=


at the airport. bored. really.

actually to be honest theres not much pictures of me. cause i was busy being the photographer x.x

these pictures pun i got em from my sister's frindster.

damn sister give me the camera Dx

ok bai. will upload more pictures soon.