Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sing for absolution

hola chiquititas :D

long time no bloggie. hmm where to start, where to start. alrighty then
today is a Wednesday. and i have got to tell you, theres probably a mountain of homework piled up. i just chatted with Puan Azura recently. she asked who my chemistry teacher is and i really said,

HA HA HA. nevermind shes cool with it. and dia suruh complain kepada pihak atasan. memang ye.
but sadly, the only teacher i would want to get rid of is the class teacher. the MISS teacher. yea, the SINGLE one. the RACIST one.
and i am quite proud to say, that i have a strong feeling that i'm her most despised student in the class. wohpie :)
these single teachers are sometimes so... i dunno.. garang maybe?

while in the bus, Aliya and Hanan;

URGH benci gila cikgu tu. corrections kena buat 80 again! *bla bla bla yadi yadi yada*
why is she so moody?
entah. dia period hari-hari kot.
naah. i rasa dia dah lama sangat single, dia nak menopause. sebab tu dia panas baran :D

har di har har. well, there is a slight possibility that my statement might be true x)

cbn is so cursed. crapikans.

zomg i cant wait to get a new phone! my dad has actually agreed :D
but maybe that'll come later. er. errr. hehehe nevermind. absence makes the heart grow fonder. wtf? tetibe je
haha. oh man oh man. its getting late! i mean, its freaking 11.18 PM!

what? i'm a school kid dude :)
peace to the world. uhuh