Thursday, December 11, 2008

another typical thursday?

band was...absurdly boring. and not that tiring. since i'm on rest most of the time.
i shall bring my medication tomorrow buddies! do not fear! for my setamols are here! :D

look what i found *smug*

The Meeting
tetot - catdogg - tambi lolz

kucing-kucing di atas ni dah lama hilang. first that big dogg up there, followed by my tetot (sejak tu, semua kucing yg berwarna oren yg tinggal dlm rumah ni nama sama. hasil dprd org2 yg lack imaginasi) and that black cat. HAHAHHAA. i dont give shitty names okay. these cats bernasib malang. lalala...

nevertheless! i miss them so. the two on the right side belong to this family. well, used to. they got stolen. dayumm. whoever stole them, shall rot in hell :)

hehe sorry. siapa suruh curi

thats it for today. im sorry for this very disturbing post. i cant help it, i'm just weird. bai.