Monday, December 01, 2008


i finished reading Twilight. victorious me :)

now i know. yes,i admit and to my defeat, i am captivated by the beautiful Edward Cullen. i thought it wasnt possible, but the writer delivered the book with such seductive flare. damn, im caught! wait scratch that, it practically BURNT ME ALIVE D:
he was perfection. by the time you finish this book, you'll crave for more. suddenly, Edward is your new brand of heroin. *drool drool drool drool*

and future readers of the Twilight Saga ( you cant stop once you only read one book ), dont cry. HAHA. yes you will get jealous and you cant possibly ignore the amount of envy that mountained up inside you. lol. (wtf am i crapping) anyways, jangan bakar boyfriend anda jika dah baca buku ni. clear warning. har di har har

heh okay. im off to watch Gubra. i hope i can cry. wiee :)

DEAR HANA; i'm waiting for my New Moon :)
speaking of moon, yesterday my uncle said it was on the news. there it was, in the sky, Allah painted it with two other stars. the two stars were next to each other shining brightly and the moon was shaped like a smiling mouth. so, altogether, it looked like a smiling face without no nose of course. it was superbly cute :D
too bad we own no hebat camera.

haha bai

I’ll seek you out,
Slay you alive
One more word and you won’t survive
And I’m not scared of your stolen power
I see right through you any hour