Saturday, November 29, 2008


watched Twilight. okay la. so so. im reading the book now. HAHA

weird je baca buku after the movie. well, am in desperate need of bahan bacaan. lol.

so. im utterly deaf. due to the jamming session earlier. gila babs.

at one point, i tried to talk to myself. i couldnt even hear myself thinking. then i went, " AKU PEKAK "



i know understand why everybody wants to marry Edward Cullen. yes, he is absurdly handsome and feggin attractive. i just drooled for him because he used to play Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. he looks more human in that movie. which makes me turned on. wooo.

fuck Cho Chang.

pentamak. harry pun nak. cedric pun nak. WHATS NEXT? albus pun dia nak. hahaha
dah la ada irish accent.

"watch out Harry. its a bit eicy on the steirs."

the world is unfair. dang.