Thursday, November 20, 2008

nak kench


boring nak mati.

hari-hari boring.

angkat pasu. vacuum rumah.


SO. hahaha. a lot of movies comin up. and theres loadsa plan. nak tgk ni la, tu la

first to tackle; Twilight. Hana dah tunggu mcm beberapa bulan dah. and shes determined to see the movie the day it releases. reminds me of Suthasan =_=
gila. movie first day kluar. nak tgk first show jgak. bengong.

then then then i wanna watch Madagascar 2 soooo badly. hehehe. Bolt pun. the icky thing is Miley Cyrus punya suara annoying ada dlm cite tu. so...wtv la. i just wanna watch the fat hamster 8D

so yeah. just a quick post. to show you guys how lame my life is. toodles :)