Tuesday, November 04, 2008


yes hello fellow readers. (or i dont have them?) i'm officially going to say it. I am tired of my life. it has been boring ever since..uhh... nevermind. you know, its irritating when something really good happens to come along and then suddenly wants to cast away from you. its like, having a new bike. yeah and youre really thrilled that you own the coolest bike on earth and suddenly they have to take your bike back. why? because you havent actually paid for it yet. HAHAH. well sorta.

i'm really not sure what i'm trying to vacalise here. but i just want to rant by myself and talk crap because i'm kinda deppressed and all. and yeah i am having my period (haha) but current affairs has got to do with these unconditional, freaky mood swings of mine.

gosh mood swings. its like my sister D:

haha anyways. school is gonna be over soon. and Eera said that this Friday will be her last day of attendeing school this year and thats it. its a rap! well its gonna be my last aswell. hehe sorry tiru =p . SPM is in 7 days people. and i'm nervous for my friends. if i were them, i would be worried as hell and forcing myself to read eventhough the knowledge doesnt really sticks in my memory but i see them still ya know...chillin and stuff. hehe must be nice 8D

like the fish sings, dont worry, be happy HAR DI HAR HAR

i wonder whats going through his head now...or her head.... hmm. if only i was psychic kan. must be cool. and i can be the rockin "sister" that Ajiq always say. ye la compliment :p

see? i'm talking to myself. i do that a lot. omg i think i'm not even gonna get one single A for my PMR. yes, i am that unconfident and unsure of myself. some friends (haha Rye) says that i'm gonna get straight. friggin BULLSHIT. harapan la. even my sis didnt get perfect. but still, her results traumatizes me somehow. hehe. it sucks when you didnt turn out as smart as your siblings or your cousins are.

last weekend; Johor Tok's House;

Hanan : PMR susah la uncle...
Uncle Amil : ye ke susah? apa tu... Ija kata senang je *smiley sickly face*
H : MANA ADA! noooooooo =p
UA : haa cuba tanya


UA : eh eh PMR senang tak?
Ija : ok je :)
H : *monolog dalaman* eleeeh... budak sarawak pandai kot... xp

she only said history was hard. damn yeah.
she'll do better than me :(

ok peeps. i shall be my emo self now. goodbye. i'm gonna eat some bananas now.