Thursday, November 13, 2008

Couch Potato

nowadays, i fill my time with TV :D

i have absolutely no idea what i'll do without it. i hardly go online. =/ hardly eat now. sheesh.
so i decided to be a TV Junkie. haha. i watch a lotta sports haha

first off; Rugby :D

Celtic Union:
Ireland vs. Canada

ladies and gentlemen, this is Ronan O'Gara. number 10 and head of the Irish Rugby team. grr he's delicious

next, we have Tom Bowe. grawr. number 16 tak silap

i have this new passion for rugby now. its wayyy more interesting than SOCCER HAHA. and this sport involves big, buff and good-looking men ;)

i shall support them Irish now
all of this green reminds me of St. John -__________-

next; Figure Skating

i went nuts when i heard The Nutcracker song :)

my personal favourite; Dan Zhang and Hao Zhang of China. i have to admit, chinese mmg semua sports dia terer kot. but these chinese up here^ are american chinese. haha. god i know everything -____-

and theres loads more actually. i watched football, and wrestling! :D

RAW VS. SMACK DOWN awuu awwuuu. wrestlemania wehh! aku nak pegii!!!!


"what does it smell like?"
"a corpse of a rotting hottie"

AHAHAHAHAH. go and watch it. Shia is soo yummy mmmm :D~