Saturday, November 08, 2008

bruised ke abused

pelvis i sakit nak mati x(

stupid shit. nak holiday pun tak boleh enjoy habis. heh. yeah and i mean it literally. our school gives out Holiday Homeworks EVERY YEAR. how lame is that? teachers will blackmail us to finish em because the marks will be contributed into our first exam of the year. sebanyak 5% jeeeee

pffth. ive never completed them :)


and im not sure even how am i supposed to finish em. i dont have even one holiday homework haha!
this is the cause of hari-hari-ponteng-sekolah punya penyakit.

but some are despearately in need of the 5 % sbb nak perfect sangat markah. ahh well whatever

MOVING ON.......

so i hear everybody (well..i guess) is like emo-ishh right now. i mean its contagious! its spreading like SARS (Sekolah Agama Rakyat Sedunia har di har har)
pity Lia. and i miss Hana like mcm beribu-ribu lemons punya byk. BABES OF THE WORLD, lets get together and cook a big pot of friendship. hehehehehe

well ive got so much to tell you guys. but i dont have the chance to. so much to do, so little time.
apa kena mengena tetibe?.....

if you guys need me, i'll be there to make you smile :D
kan i sunshine spreader
he he he

hmm hmm. its getting hotter nowadays. reminds me of puasa.
Ramadan means, Panas terik. thats what i remembered lol. kalau salah tafsir, maaf ye :D
dah la panas, boring. mashugennah betul (learned that word from The Nanny. act, not even sure what it means)

ive got nothing else to blog about. i guess im that lame. hah bai