Wednesday, January 07, 2009

i'm going to witchita

hiya peepz. fo shizzle ma nizzle HAR DI HAR HAR
its Wednesday. its sunny. its boring.

i havent bought my school books yet. hehe :D our bm essays are due this Friday, and i have no idea what are the questions. yeah, i'm digging my own grave :)
curse bio. curse chemistry. curse add maths. arg arg arg.

my wish is to be ignored and invincible this year. well, its not granted. too bad that my existence is acknowledged by classmates. i had no idea they knew my name. heh.

i'm quite satisfied cause Aimi, Yen Yi, Chia Pei a.k.a Hippo and Anisah are in the same class. makes the environment a wee bit better despite the humongous distance between Lia's class and mine. and dont even mention Tia's class. AND YAYA! omg i miss her.

hmm i wonder whats Rye doing. since she's school-less for now. ha ha. she misses school. gila unbelievable LOL. and Aini. i wonder if she got her license yet. hmm :/

why am i asking all of these questions? dont i have a life? *slaps self*

you took a white orchid and turned it blue