Friday, January 09, 2009

holy shietzu!

omgrockshiznit FIRST WEEK IS OVER!!

*sound of chiming bells..laaaaa*

its been really hectic. and boring. i can sleep. so.. so... boring o.o
didnt expect it to turn out this way but, Anisah, slap me if i doze off. woman, you hold the key to my eternal success that is yet to be found out in the future! :D

me and some of my friends are faced with a challenge. wait, challenges. yeah Najwa, if youre reading this, you know what i mean. it'll be hard. being on stage, putting a poker face on. hurk.

i ran into Fufu this afternoon. was shocked :o . haha. heard Lia has an admirer. ANOTHER admirer. hehehehe ayuni are you reading this? some of kakak's friends call her code name- "nice". i know right like what the. . nice?. . . .
chill Lia bebeh, i will protect you from all of these pedophiles! i shall quote, "do not harm my little virgin" *wink wink*
fine i'll give you guys a head start. she judges a book by its' cover. best of luck ;D

i'm waiting for my alter ego to come back from vacation. yeah i've been really good. no cursing, no lazy, do homeworks and stuffs. but i kinda miss my old self. she'll be here on weekends i guess. or is it a he? WAH that'll be awesome. a guy as my alter ego/inner self. its fine since i already own a guy name. lol.
so, hurry back to me love.