Monday, December 28, 2009


my girls wanted to know

What my dream guy is like.

Tall, lean and tan.
Jet-black hair shaved close to his head.
Dimples - oh my god.
Liquid eyes.
Not cute-

OKAY that was not entirely my "dream guy". That was from my favourite book. And yes, he's purely fictional. But hey, pretty good description for a guy who doesn't exist.
I've never really put much thought into this thing actually. I've got no plans whatsoever for my future (which is tumbling and crashing down towards me really fast). I've heard people starting to think names for their babies already. AND THEY'RE STILL MINORS. At least, they know what they want and they're putting their eyes on the prize. Well, as for me, umm.. let me put it this way-
I. Don't. Know. What. I. Want.


I've had this conversation with Mom before. I only knew that i wanted to marry a chef (and still does). I told her I believed in love at first sight :)

She doesn't.
Nor does Hana.

IT COULD HAPPEN YA KNOW. Or I might be superstitious? Nahhh...

"Be my singing lesson
Be my song.
When I tell you I'm falling,
Tell me I'm strong."
-Patty Griffin

So, I'm pretty sure I can tell you this much, my future hubby, is the man of my dreams.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

mom is a bad secret-keeper

maas mazlan says:
u chatting w Ryessa ke?
Sam says:
ryessa, hana
maas mazlan says:
or...that fella?
Sam says:
what fella?
maas mazlan says:
no fella lah. ok gud nite bibi
Sam says:
bye bye

was dad trying to be funny?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Got this from Jason Mraz's blog via Joey's.

Ya Allah. Berikanlah aku kesempatan untuk gigit budak ini.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I dream the things I want but will never get. But when I see everyone else enjoying my little piece of desire, it seems kind of unfair.

Good things rarely happen to me, I know. This sounds selfish but- I think I deserve a miracle too.

Friday, December 18, 2009


heinous but kinda cool. i love Zooey :D

Saturday, December 12, 2009

like santa exists

solar bras are the new "in-thing".

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

in The Twilight Saga movies. It's unnecessary.

future + crap + random + life= Hanan

I am always self-conscious whenever people are around me or when i'm in public. Always aware of eyes on me, always fiddling with my hair or my shirt and always keeping my distance away from people; you know, in case I have bad breath or a zit the size of Kansas. I hate to admit this because I look so carefree on the outside and a shy smile intact, but the truth is hidden behind a mask. I'm just a good actress.

Somewhere inside of me, lies a girl with big dreams. Though, the chances of it actually being put into real life is really thin. Thinking of it that way makes me feel like a small town girl who just knows about marriage; how ironic considering the fact that i live in the city. One of the biggest dreams of mine is to live a luxurious life. No, not luxurious in a wealthy way with loads of cash, but wealthy in friendship, freedom, carelessness, and of course love.

I don't have the courage to fulfill that YET, but I will get there soon. Right after I figured out who I am exactly. The thought of it send shrills throughout my body. I can't wait to embark on that journey. The journey to discover what God has set for me, to enjoy wonders of life and to learn from it.

Being an avid reader has its many advantages. Of course, the obvious reason is because it takes you somewhere without even travelling there, only the mind does. And of course it broadens your perception on everything. It's like taking a stroll in another man's shoes. A reader is a dreamer. I dream constantly of the grounds I'm about to step in the future; another continent maybe, about my future husband; a chef preferably, and of course my absurd visions of me being able to sing in front of an audience, a big one that is. But I was just singing out of tune in the bathroom, naked while taking a shower.

I've seen a lot of characters throughout my sixteen years. Sometimes they appear to be exactly like the characters in my books! But I guess we aren't really that cruel either. Wannabes, riches, tomboys, desperados and et cetera. There was always an invisible dividing line, like us versus them. It sounds stupid in chick lits but I've seen them in real life. The dramas, the fights... UGH sometimes it sounds worse than economical breakdowns. Remember Mean Girls? The flickers she gets of the uncivilized fights which normally happens in the savanah but instead it happens in her school? Yeah, its really like that in real life. Not because of the fighting, but mostly because its noisy.

The point here is, I don't really know if I fit. Into that picture or in anywhere else. I don't feel like I'm really normal because I think I'm too weird to be normal. Or maybe, I'm just different. In a bad way. I don't... know.

Let's hope that works out in the end. Cheers to randomness. The world will be a dull place without it. Spreading love..

Sunday, November 29, 2009


the hell?

disappointed. thats for sure.
i don't recommend watching New Moon for fans who actually reads the book.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


DESC1. "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" ($72.7 million)
2. "The Blind Side" ($10.9 million)
3. "2012" ($8.1 million)
4. "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" ($3.6 million)
5. "Planet 51" ($3.2 million)

You don't have to be a mind-reading vampire with diamond-encrusted flesh to know who this weekend's box office champion will be. With "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" in over 4,000 theaters nationwide, there was virtually no chance that the continued romance of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan would fall anywhere short of first place — but perhaps no one could have predicted just how far ahead of the competition "New Moon" would end up.

The second "Twilight" installment has already shattered records and expectations by earning $26.3 million from midnight showings alone, decimating the record previously held by "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." Additionally, "New Moon" enjoyed the single most lucrative opening day in the history of cinema with $62.2 million, a record previously held by "The Dark Knight." Combined with the midnight intake, "New Moon" has already earned $72.7 million — and the weekend isn't even over.

Box office watchdogs aren't necessarily convinced that "New Moon" will take the record for best opening weekend of all time — that distinction is still held by "The Dark Knight" with $158.4 million — but the "Twilight" sequel is likely to earn the fourth highest weekend, according to Deadline Hollywood Daily. Regardless, "New Moon" will almost certainly have the best opening weekend ever for a non-summer movie.

While Friday surely belongs to Edward, Bella and Jacob, there were other new releases in theaters as well. "The Blind Side" took second place with an admirable $10.9 million, though such a result pales in comparison to "New Moon." Third place belonged to last week's winner "2012" with an $8.1 million intake, bringing the film's domestic total to $89.8 million. "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" earned fourth place with $3.6 million in less than 700 theaters, while newcomer "Planet 51" managed $3.2 million in its opening day.

getting jitterbugs? join the club! i'm hyperventilating just thinking about the film. and its cool that The Twilight Saga opens new doors for new artistes. like Anya Marina who contributed the soundtrack "Satelite Heart". i love her and i uber love that she and Death Cab For Cutie are going to be heard in the movie.

for more uber vampness, visit
it'll blow your socks off.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

IMs of the day

Babah says:
gi lah jual burger ke, tempe ke....get yourself useful...tak pon gi cat pagar yang dah kurap tu? says:
lepas mandi masuk dryer...bleh tak?
sekali keluar jadi macam goliwok ngan rambut mengerbang cuuuun!
pas tu amek gambar masuk lam FB ...worait kan?

then there was Rye
wii berapa eh?
Since kita malas sangat nak exercise
wii macam serbaguna
Tingkatkan minda,mahupun bentuk badan

lepas spm nak joget lambak pun boleh

Hanan Syahmi As'ad: vroom impak maksimaa
RyessaNorzally: Ada impak minima
RyessaNorzally: Haha mcm bodoh
Hanan Syahmi As'ad: HAHAHA
Hanan Syahmi As'ad: impak.. mediuma?

then theres...

Sam says:
nanti dia jadi MOMOK MONSTER!

Hanan Syahmi As'ad:
beef teriyaki la sodap

Hanan Syahmi As'ad:
here we comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hanan Syahmi As'ad:
kau ni spare tyre (cne nk eja?) betul
spare TAYAR

Sam says:
next week fo shiznit

Sam says:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Other men said they have seen angels,
But i have seen thee
And thou art enough.

-G. Moore

Thursday, November 12, 2009

hi, i'm random

Hey there. my friends at school must be wondering where the hell have i been this whole week and where is my part of the Lisan thing. i'm sorry i'm absent from school, i might suffer from the Monday Blues syndrome everyday of the week. hehe. i'm sorry Anisahuri for making you crazy. you know i love you :) oh and i hope Zkay is still sane without me. gosh i miss you guys but sadly the teachers miss me more :D

What I Do At Home

current best friends; Tetot, Mojo. i think i have fully grasped the art of cat whispering. blame my family, they aren't in the same house anymore. thankfully a friend of mine visits me from time to time. its good to have some mano-a-mano conversation! its hard to have a decent conversation with my bro or sis. our normal family conversation now is via Skype. uhh technology. sometimes you gotta kick it oldschool.

aside from talking to cats, i talk to my guppies too. but its sad though, because one by one, they die and sink to the bottom of the pool. i guess we're not meant to breed guppies anymore :(

ahh yet another project i've been working on these days, cooking! well i'm not a pro, YET, but i practice :D
some goals throughout cooking project/note to self :
  • overcome knife-phobia
  • do not burn fingers anymore
  • master time-keeping so that food wont get burnt
  • stay away from the salt ( you put it in too much)
  • wear goggles while chopping onions
thats pretty much it for now. too bad i cant cook some dishes due to lack of ingredients.
besides that, i also go online sometimes and check on my mails and chat with random people. hey, i feel like making a random bucket list now. D:

  • i want a new notebook/webcam
  • i want to marry a chef
  • i want my driver's license now
  • i want a pair of sneakers
  • i want Alex Pettyfer to call me out on a date
  • i want to make it big in my future career
  • i want enough A's for my SPM. straight A's dont really matter
  • i want to own a yogurt cafe (?)
  • i want to go on to theatre
  • i want to live with Saskia in a condo or an apartment suits just fine
  • i want a punching bag in my room
  • i want to know how it feels like kicking some jerk in the gut
  • i want to help the unfortunate and share my wealth with them
  • i want to spread world peace
  • i want to sack somebody
  • i want to make a scene in a public place and get arrested by the police. okay maybe not.
theres so much to do and so little time. i hope i live long enough to enjoy more pleasures in the world.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

post secret

it makes me appreciate vandalism.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

walking with the dead - volume 2

A walk with the dead -Hanan

Dear Hanan,

if one day when i go to school and found out that you were no longer here, i wouldn't want to come the next day. coz of all my classmates, you're one of the best. i look forward to seeing all your quirky expressions throughout the day. those are one of the best times. my quirky weird friend.

how nice. and how random =D

it surprises me sometimes when i blogwalk, i get to see my name on someone else's posts. especially when they say nice things about me. or even just putting my link on their link list.
thank you friendzies. he he.

this one goes out to my awesome classmates (regardless of how annoying you guys are :p )

Hello 4T.

Aliah Amira,
she is my substitute Petricia. we've grown pretty close this year. not to mention our lunch mates Farhana a.k.a Kecik, Aimi and Hanim. without you in the class, i dont think i'll have my So You Think You Can Dance partner. eyy eyy? ;D

this short girl has got a big brain. yeah, you miss smarty skirts (since you dont wear pants at school). i'll miss your vibrant humor, your loud voice and the way you dance to Inul's songs. you'll be my Ratu Dangdut in class. and if you're not there, how am i supposed to score my Agama right?

little miss everything :p
i gotta be honest with you. when we weren't friends before, that was like in form 1 and form 2 i guess, i've always had an image of you being Miss Popular. seriously! everyone knows you, you were a prefect for goodness sake and teachers adore you. (lmao) i tau you tengah geleng kepala. shut up, dont be in denial. but band brought us closer. and i've discovered that there is more to then meets the eye. you're a smart girl with a cool attitude and a good sense of humor to boot! i cant always be moody at school cause i know that your blurness cracks me up. hilang macho i.

the list goes on (theres too much to type about each and everyone of you. 4T.I.U.T.C!),
Liyana F.
Chia Pei a.k.a Hippo
and even the Babes. haha you get what i mean? *hint* Chillax laa..

hehe :)

THE Book Club forever aite?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

who got style

i am a Muslim.
and i am proud to be one :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

a series of unfortunate events

i just watched a youtube video and it was funny. fine, i watched two. o. kay.

Monday. Dooms Day.

Bahasa Melayu. i thought it got changed to Bahasa Malaysia i mean yellow, not only Malays speak the language. Bahasa rasmi negara = Bahasa Negara = Negara Malaysia = Bahasa Malaysia. right?
twas tuff y'tell ya. (translation ; it was tough, i tell you) who knew tests takes so long?
i've always wondered why Kakak's papers' duration were like 2 hours ++. now, i even get to experience it! yeay D:

Tuesday. why is it Mon/Tues/Wednes/Thurs/Fri/Satur/Sunday? why cant they call it day 1, day 2, day 3, day....

wa liao. Engrish maaa. i dowan to tawk abaw tit. lets say ah, my paype awl hamsap leh!

Wednesday. is the name of Morticia and Gomez's daughter.

okay i was a little bit over confident on this day. i should've practiced more. but thankfully tuition helped. damn, numbers should have mercy on me.

Thursday. . . .

mom's quote,
"isnt history wonderful? :D"

hell yeah.

Friday. its time be holy.

gosh i hope i can score this! and i'm reaaaaaly counting on it! and i hope my pafa helps. InsyaAllah =)

the continuing week...... and the punishment goes on.....

Monday. Day of Reckoning.

we got our death sentence today.

"WEH ABENDA TADI DOH?! tiba-tiba jumpa soalan macam tak pernah jumpa!"
dipetik dari parbahasan Farhana Amanina sebaik sahaja ujian Matematik Tambahan berakhir.

i wish i had a talking calculator from the future where you can type in the question and get the answers straight away. okay, if it was a talking calculator, i'll put it on mute so that other people wont get to hear my answers :D

Tuesday. put on your thinking hair.

like Einstein's do'. hopefully with the hair, comes the smart genes.

summary of the whole paper: I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WROTE.
it goes something like this,
Blablabla is crap crap crap crap. Crap happens because blablablabla. Yadayadayada meow meow meow goes vroom vroom vroom.............

the score is gonna look mighty fine.

Wednesday. beneath the clothes we find a man...and beneath the man, we find his....nucleus.

this is why i dont want to be a doctor.....

Thursday. Day of Salvation.

i love Chemistry. but apparently, i kinda suck at it.

omaigat! MERDEKA!!!
and we danced and screamed and sang and went back and slept like fat pigs.

Selamat Maju Jaya!

Friday, October 09, 2009

walking with the dead

what would i do if my best friends die.

(before i do)

W.A. ,
you are the most inspiring and influential person i have ever met.
you conquer obstacles, chase your dreams and fight for whats right.
i would honour you by naming my daughter after you.
hopefully by giving her your name, your spirits will be implemented inside her as well.

S.Z. ,
i'm ashamed to say that i dont know you really well. but we connected.
if you moved on, this might sound crazy, but i'll go after the man who loves you and whom you love back. if i'm single at the time of course.
by loving him like you do, i'll get to feel how he treats you, thus keeping my memories of you alive. inside of him.

F.A. ,
i was always very protective of you. and i still am.
if i lose you, i'll always have a sense of loss. like a mother bear who lost her cub.

A.N. ,
i'll go and try out sports. for you.
i'll be feisty and aggressive. for you.
but i cant ever be as magnetic as you are.

N.R. ,
your pictures will be collected and immortalized in a scrapbook.
i'll even gather all my courage, and sing your song, Yellow, in front of a bunch of crowd as a tribute to you. look how they shine for you..

and of course not forgetting

S.S. ,
you are my other half. and for that, i wont do anything.
i wouldnt even mourn. because i know, that you live within me.
and for that, i have to keep myself happy, to keep you happy.
i'll blow up a huge portrait of you, black and white as you like it, and hang it in my house for all to see. and when people ask, "Who is that?"
i'll just say, "Thats me."

i'll love you all until i die. and then, what would you?
*names are typed in initials

Monday, September 28, 2009

too blue to be true

Thursday, September 24, 2009

unleash the beast within

i like to run with scissors. it makes me feel dangerous.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ma soeur,

its boring to like him you know. girls, Eddie is not him!

i hate to burst your bubble Kakak, but isnt this..

you thinking whom i'm thinking?

a note

Its a slow day. It feels like house arrest. I can hardly go out; parents are paranoid, Mom is using crutches and Dad (and Ijat) is busy preparing for his leave. This Sunday. Bro, its your last week to be a KL-ite. Maybe i'll take him to a movie or something. Yeah.

3.28 PM.
I just took a shower. Clearly i'm not in my best shape and i'm starting to think that school is the balance to my life. Like, school is fundamental. What sucks is that i have not touched my homework YET and i've no clue how to start that Bio crap.

As i lay on the couch, watching tv, listening to Mom and Nenek gossip about my relatives, i feel nauseated. The day is eating my brain like cows eat cud. Eww okay maybe not. I plan what i want to do before sleep, a monologue i recite, my mantra before dozing off. But still, i haven't done anything i wanted to. To exercise, to read, to be healthy. None of those actions are set in motion.

I walk, upstairs, downstairs, the tiny bells on my left ankle cadencing. I stopped in the kitchen, my back on the counter. Staring out into space i wondered what my friends were doing. They didn't text nor call. Neither did i. We all meet in the cyber world.

I feel so pathetic. Disturbed maybe.

It was just a nudge.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

when vampires attack

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Trailer in HD

Saskia, look. i got an even better trailer :D

Saturday, September 12, 2009

i got issues

i wish i could be this cute =(

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


meet my online tutor.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

pretty girl, great talent

Saoirse Ronan is a very good actress. i've seen her in Death Defying Acts alongside
Catherine Zeta-Jones.

movie anyone?

Friday, August 28, 2009


best smacked-face award
my darling Saskia :)

our hair.
NOT combined.

sambil tu dengar gossip orang sebelah. he's indonesian i think


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

daily dose of home

kakak, look. bazaar :D

kakak, look. Rasta :D


fast, cepat

fine. i'm doing all of you a favor. :p

it's the fourth day of fasting. i still cant believe Ramadan is here. its so surreal.
one minute, i was just about to start school and the other, the year is coming to an end.
buka celik, buka celik, dah puasa.
lepas puasa, Raya.
lepas Raya, exam.
lepas exam, habis sekolah.


my friend once said to me in my classroom,
"Hanan, can you please slow down. Lari sana, lari sini."

yeah, talk about kung fu hustle. haha. i always hear the quote, "time waits for no man" . or was it money?
us humans are in such a hurry. sometimes we just need a break from it all. from life even.
i've grown tired of racing to classes, hand in due projects and not to mention, juggle my daily social
yeah sure, i love my friends, but i hate whatever drama or crisis thats been on around in the circle.
all this hustle and bustle just makes me want to quit. LITERALLY.

from school.

from K.L.

from Malaysia.

i sometimes wish i could just quit my life here, and move on to Brunei with the rest of my family soon.
sure, Brunei is a boring country, Brunei is not as happening as KL, Brunei has lame people, Brunei this,
Brunei that..
whatever. at least its got nothing to do with anything over here.


last night's tarawih prayers are by far the longest compared to the other days i've been this month.
the Imam recited long, longgg surahs. kesian grandmas and aunts yang ada.
i was tired myself. i sort of slept while standing. haha!
but i didnt give in. i mean, it would be embarrasing since the veteran people boleh tahan.

i'm thankful that the makcik next to me was friendly.
in between the period after Isyak prayers and when tarawih was about to start, some ladies excused
themselves for.. a potty break i think?
"Semua orang terkentut," she wispered and shared a secretive smile. i cant help but to giggle.

its a bummer that Mum and Makcik cant tag along.
both of them are currently enduring leg pains. har har.

ada masjid tak kat sana?
ada bazaar tak kat sana?
ada kuih raya tak kat sana?
ada onde-onde tak kat sana?
ada lelaki hot tak kat sana?
ada orang bangunkan you tak utk sahur?

do you miss nenek? :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

bad ass

bad ass scar pictures taken from my deadly encounter with...

my bad ass kitten. he looks like an alien in this photo.
which makes it cool.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hello Love :)

how are ya doing today?
i'm fine thanks for asking

so, i was browsing blogs and then....

Time dgn Hanan:

Actually if I'm with this weirdo kiddo Hanan x kena marah dgn cikgu.Because Hanan ni Budak Baik.I miss you man!But
with Hanan we're talking about guys?haha..stupidd.No laa.Kita just ckp about ppl yg kita kenal,lol.Example like come on I told her
everything.I like this and that.Then Hanan ada scandal with my friends!haha.Come on she's pretty inside and outside.I mean guys okayy!Not girls.Shoottttahhh.She is so not into Lesbosssess.haha

haha. pardon her gedikness (ngeheh) but thats how Thiya rolls.
turns out, someone misses me. awww

for the past few weeks (or months cant recall), i've been out of reach from my old friends or we just rarely
see/bump into each other. yeah i miss them. a lot.

most of them moved. to other places, other classes, other friends...
i'm just there. sitting in between all of them. on the fence, both sides equal not one weighs more.

maybe you see me like i dont care anymore, youre wrong.
i hear news from you all the time. and if i dont ask, it doesnt mean that i dont care.
it doesnt mean that i dont know.
it doesnt mean that youre not important. because you are.

sometimes, i just dont have the guts to ask.
sometimes, i just dont want to interfere.
sometimes, i think i just dont deserve or have the right to.

i just want you, my dear friends, to know that i'm always there.
my body might not be beside you, to offer you a shoulder to cry on
but you should know, my spirit is always present. feeling what youre going through,
understanding your hardships and giving you support.

i'm sorry for my constant absence. i really wish that things would just go back to the way it used to be.
but we have to move on. and look towards the future.
its what us humans are made for. to test God's challenges and conquests. to put ourselves to test.

i know you miss me, well i miss you too.
if you feel a certain presence near you, that will be me,
loving you no matter where you are.

spreading love,
hanan syahmi

Sunday, July 12, 2009

bloody year (literally)

more bad news followed up MJ's death. my Uncle Masri's death.

it was-what 2 in the morning? - when my mom accidentally woke me up and announced his passing away two
hours before and that they were leaving for Seremban a.s.a.p.

i know i dont know you that well Uncle, but still you were one of my father's little brother.
Allah, tempatkanlah dia dengan orang-orang yang beriman. amin.



i dont want any of you getting my virus. i dont really know if its infectious or not, but it might cause severe
damage to yourself or personal belongings.
please keep a safe 1 metre perimeter from - well, me.

no, ia bukan virus H1N1.
no, ia bukan salah satu drpd simtom-simtom penyakit itu.

i'm friggin JINXED.
jinxed is when you climb up the stairs and trip. in Giant. (the supermarket)
jinxed is when your dress weirdly and thought it was cool but other people thought that you got dressed by
a blind person.
jinxed is when you want to take a shower then you hang you panties on the railing where you thought it was
safe from being wet and then when you're not looking it fell and got drenched.
jinxed is when you eat your meals in a barbaric-like-mode and accidentally bit your tongue or lip.

sigh. no merchandise can help the uncoordinated. if such thing exists, its already purchased.

okay, i'm going to stop babbling about me being a klutz. moving on,

i was thinking on going to Australia end of this year. nak menyibuk kat tempat kakak :p
she suggested it. not my idea. but i found myself intrigued by the thought.
maybe it'll give me some inspiration. on what?

yeah, i'm planning on writing. not necessarily a book, just a story. maybe i'll do sequels :D
maybe not. i'm not sure. let the chips fall where they may.


i might find inspiration over there. i might even find money. or... i shall find hot dudes 8D
nahh, Australia's already populated by asians.
like sepet asians. kalau dapat jumpa aboriginal people best gak. HAHAH.

satu pesan yang saya beri kepada kakak,
" nanti cari Hugh Jackman. tau. "
lepas tu dia reply,
" tak ah. nanti aku cari Curtis Stone! aku nak lepak kat supermarket selalu! take me home chef! "

uhh. dia reply lebih kurang macam tu la.

apa-apapun kakak, kat sini Hanan nak kata satu benda lagi,


Friday, July 10, 2009

shiny thing caught my eye

hmm. recently ive noticed that some strangers are following my blog.

some things i couldnt comprehend

  1. why they would want to follow it anyways
  2. why they were here in the first place
  3. how did they get here
  4. why they would want to follow MY LAME BLOG?

this blog lacks creativity and distinctive craps anyways. hehe never the less, thank you la for sort of "admiring" it. ceh.

but seriously, my blog is such a waste of time. haha. thanks again, toodles.

Friday, June 26, 2009

pop king

of course you know who this is right? well,

Michael Jackson is planning a 30-date world tour to kick off in 2009, a new report claims.

“Michael said he wasn’t doing a Vegas residency but was going on a world tour, taking in 30 cities next year,” a well-placed spy told Britain’s Sun on Wednesday.

“He said he wanted to do it for his kids. He wants them to see what he does, and he wants to take them on the road. He said he was on his way to Los Angeles to finalize the details.”

world tour! can you imagine? his tickets are bloody expensive but regardless of the price, they were all sold out.

i can just imagine him making explosive entrances, always some tricks up his sleeve. singing Thriller and see all fans dancing to his moves. shuffling his feet and do his famous "moonwalk".


that dream of mine (and my mom's) seeing him on stage......well.....sadly it'll never come true.

Singer Michael Jackson dies in Los Angeles aged 50

Michael Jackson, the singer, has died after suffering a suspected heart attack. He was 50.

The Los Angeles coroner, Fred Corral, said that Jackson was pronounced dead after arriving at UCLA Medical Centre in full cardiac arrest. A post mortem examination is likely to take place today.

Paramedics who responded to an emergency call to the singer's home in Los Angeles said that he had stopped breathing by the time they arrived.

Jackson's brother Jermaine told reporters: "My brother, the legendary King of Pop , passed away on Thursday June 25 at 2.26pm.

"We believe he suffered a cardiac arrest at his home, however the cause of his death is unknown until the results of the autopsy are known. The personal physician who was with him at the time attempted to resuscitated him."

A spokesman for the medical centre added: "When he arrived at hospital at approximately 1.14pm a team of doctors including emergency physicians and cardiologists attempted to resuscitate him for a period of more than one hour, they were unsuccessful."

A Los Angeles police spokesman said that police robbery-homicide detectives have been ordered to investigate, which is common in high-profile cases.

Jackson's mother Katherine and sister La Toya had rushed to the singer's bedside at the hospital, while hundreds of tearful fans gathered outside.

Earlier, the singer's father Joe said that he had been told his son was "in a bad way".

Jackson is widely credited with revolutionising pop music with albums including Thriller, Bad and Dangerous but his career was tainted with allegations of child abuse.

He was due to perform a highly anticipated 50-date "farewell" residency at the O2 Arena in Greenwich, south-east London, starting next month. Fears for his health emerged after he postponed the earliest dates, and his aides were forced to deny that he was fighting skin cancer.

Jackson lived as a virtual recluse following his 2005 acquittal on charges including child molestation and kidnap.

While lauded by fans and critics for his infectious pop songs, pioneering dance moves and innovative videos, his increasingly eccentric behaviour earned him the nickname "Wacko Jacko".

He repeatedly denied undergoing cosmetic surgery, despite very visible changes to his face and skin tone, and was criticised for forcing his three children to wear veils whenever they were in public.

Last night leading figures in the entertainment industry expressed their shock at news of his sudden death, which was broken on the US celebrity website TMZ.

Quincy Jones, the music producer who worked with Jackson on Thriller, said: "I am absolutely devastated at this tragic and unexpected news."

Paying tribute to the singer's "talent, grace, professionalism and dedication", he added: "I've lost my little brother today, and part of my soul has gone with him."

Jackson's friend, the illusionist Uri Geller, said there had been no indication that the singer was in a frail condition. "I really have no words. He was a young and terribly fit man and he was getting ready for performances in England. He was just fine, the last I heard."

There was speculation that the pressure of his upcoming London dates may have been too much for him. Jackson last toured 12 years ago.

AEG Live, which organised the O2 concerts, said Jackson had passed a lengthy physical exam in early 2009.

But Max Clifford, the publicist and friend of Jackson, said: "You wonder if the strain of getting fit for this major tour proved too much. In recent pictures he looked anything but healthy. He was always someone who seemed to find it difficult to cope with fame."

Born in 1958, Jackson made his musical debut with four of his older brothers in the Jackson Five before embarking on a solo career.

His 1982 album Thriller - which included the hits Beat It, Billie Jean and Thriller - is still the best-selling album of all time, with more than 26?million copies sold. His lifetime sales tally is estimated at 750?million.

In 1994, he married Lisa Marie Presley, the 26-year-old daughter of Elvis Presley. The couple separated two years later and Jackson later married Debbie Rowe, a 37-year-old nurse he met while undergoing plastic surgery in 1997. They had two children, Prince Michael and Paris Michael Katherine, before divorcing in 1999.

Jackson had custody of the two children and of a third, Prince Michael II, whose mother's name has never been made public.

fans gathered on the hospital lot

Mikaeel Jackson Abdullah
August 29, 1985 - June 25, 2009