Monday, April 28, 2008

its near

May is near.

exam is near.

i nearly fainted because i thought that exam is gonna start TODAY. hehe malu sgt. :)

MAY BABIES!! prepare to celebrate your birthdays :D

rye is gonna celebrate hers

and i am gonna celebrate mine too!!

prezzies wanted people. miahah.

i tau ryessa nak Unicorn :) kan kan?

i want a monkey. but i got a chicken. hehh.

<<<<< this is Chicken O'shea.

my dad decided to keep em and gave me the responsibility to take care of chicken.


I GET TO NAME EM CHICKEN and no Ketot is just for my late cat.

this is a picture of em when he was tiny. (pronounced as tee-nai :D )

now hes grown. and hes not the smallest anymore.

cause he eats a lot of chicken.


as you can see,i have nothing to write about. thats why this whole post is mostly about...chicken?


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