Sunday, November 09, 2008


mata pun dah sepet nangis tgk cite sepet =_______________________=

seriously. i cried alone while watching the movie. till 3 o'clock in the morning. it was truly an A++ with golden star lagi tu punya movie.

i enjoyed it. i laughed, i cried, and i felt. :)

the idea of having a chinese boyfriend is now kinda charming. HAHAHA
i get to call him Ah Yang x) but it is sweet. naahh. mine is NanYang.

so whats up people. yawww (dah kena jangkit kat eera)
ive just finished playing the ps. i felt like The Need For Speed *rockin face*
i think im going blind or something. i cant see the roads properly and i keep hitting them walls or whatever.
regardless of my cacatness, i still beat ijat at this game. MUAHAH

ok my blog sucks rite now so bai